The AFNOR Group draws strength from a global network of 40 offices, various accredited certification bodies and numerous training centers to support companies throughout the world.

AFNOR audit professionals are dedicated to helping customers improve competitiveness by staying focused on customer requirements, and introducing and maintaining defined audit practices that support a process of continual improvement. We support organizations of all sizes and in sectors as diverse as Aerospace, Railway, Energy Efficiency, IT Security, Quality and Sustainable Development.

AFNOR enjoys a network of approximately 1,750 certified audit professionals that work every day throughout the world. Our auditors draw on their extensive experience in your sector bringing audit-specific qualities (educator skills, listening, dialogue, etc.) to your audit. During the audit process, auditors exercise good judgment and practicality to help you understand certain points in the standards to optimize your approach when delivering products and services. They meet with employees to understand each of their specific roles and observe work methodologies. AFNOR auditors receive regular training to remain current in their chosen schemes and professional work.


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Training Services are conducted in a wide range of ISO schemes by active audit professionals. Trainers use practical working knowledge to provide real-world examples and case studies. AFNOR North America offerings include public and in-house courses. Individuals from different organizations share information and exchange bench-marking ideas in an open program in a public venue or setting. In-House group training programs can be delivered where staff members can look directly into their organization’s Management Systems during training.

AFNOR North America enjoys the strength of AFNOR’s global reach while exercising the agility of a small business.

AFNOR North America is headquartered The Woodlands, Texas.


herick lopez

Herick López

Managing Director

Herick Lopez is Managing Director presiding over the French Association for Normalization (AFNOR) in the United States of America and Canada (AFNOR North America). Herick oversees the delivery of prestigious certification services in the automotive, aerospace, railway, food, energy, oil & gas and other industries.

American Petroleum Institute (API)

With more than 20 years’ experience implementing and auditing to API specifications and ISO standards, Herick has directed certification audit processes in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Trinidad & Tobago, Chile, Ecuador, Venezuela, Columbia, Argentina, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, China, UK, Nigeria, United Arab Emirates, Spain, France and other countries. As a Senior Auditor for the API and a key member of API Subcommittee 18, Herick worked closely with Committee members to carry out expansion of quality management system of API Q1 and API Q2 specifications for the Oil & Gas Industry.

Center for Offshore Safety (COS)

COS is an industry sponsored group focused exclusively on offshore safety on the U.S. Outer Continental Shelf (OCS). The COS serves the US offshore oil & gas industry with the purpose of adopting standards of excellence to ensure continuous improvement in safety and offshore operational integrity. Herick was one of the first assessors for the COS and is currently a provider of assessments of Deep Water Platforms in the Gulf of Mexico.

International Standard Organization (ISO)

Herick is a member of the International group ISO/PC 302, charted to write the new ISO 19011 guidelines for auditing management systems. Herick is also a member of the ISO/TC67/WG2, responsible for writing the new version of ISO 29001, “Petroleum, petrochemical and natural gas industries -- Sector-specific quality management systems –- Requirements for product and service supply organizations.”.

AFNOR NORTH AMERICA is a global leader in Certification and Training Services