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With over one million certificates issued around the world, ISO 9001 is the gold standard for quality management certification. ISO 9001 certification, the most widely-used tool for controlling an organization and its activities, offers a framework for improving internal operations, managing activities and increasing competitiveness. ISO 9001 was revised in september 2015 to offer even greater agility and simplicity in an effort to address the needs of organizations doing business in an increasingly complex economic and competitive environment.


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For nearly 25 years, AFNOR has helped organizations in all sectors and sizes gain competitiveness through certification of quality practices recognized by professionals and the general public.

AFNOR North America offers certification of systems, products, services and skills in a wide range of industries including Aerospace, Energy Efficiency, Railway, Automobile, Medical Devices, Asset Management, IT Security, Quality and Social Responsibility. We help organizations ensure they have adopted a well-founded long-term approach that follows the principle of continual improvement.


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